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GLE 101 28: Health and Wellness

Course Description

FYI courses within the Health and Wellness theme explore topics related to taking care of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves. Possible questions raised by courses in this theme include:What is the state of healthcare in the United States? In what ways can sports and recreation create positive effects in the lives of participants and spectators? What does it mean to pursue a healthy lifestyle? Our class’s theme is Contemporary and Controversial Issues in Health and Medicine, which means we’ll be exploring recent developments and research pertaining to the broad field of health and wellness.

Good Inquiry Question Examples

An inquiry question is a question that can prompt further research. Inquiry questions are asked without bias, do not have simple answers, often have multiple answers from different perspectives, have a clear focus and most importantly are on a topic that is of interest to you. Below you can find examples of good research inquiry questions.‚Äč

  • Does physical rehabilitation of athletes differ from rehabilitation of non-athletes who have suffered a similar injury?
  • What are the long term effects of concussions and how can we prevent them in adolescents and children?
  • Can protective gear help reduce the risk of brain and spinal cord injuries in athletes involved in contact sports and extreme sports?
  • What are the long term effects of taking anti-depressant drugs?
  • Is high fructose corn syrup worse for your health than sugar cane?
  • Why is type 2 diabetes increasing so rapidly in the United States?
  • Is medical marijuana as effective as opiates in treating patients with chronic pain?
  • Is exercise an effective treatment for controlling anxiety and stress?

Bad Inquiry Question Examples

  • Who developed the sport of BASE jumping?
    • This question has one specific answer 
  • What is chronic traumatic encephalopathy?
    • Although this question has a more in depth answer than the previous question, it can still be answered relatively easily through the use of a dictionary or encyclopedia. A better question could be: does participation in contact sports increase one's risk for developing CTE?
  • Are Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) bad?
    • This question is better than the previous two, but it still needs to be more specific. Does bad mean morally/ethically bad? Bad for the environment? Bad for your health? A better question could be: Are GMOs harmful to human health?