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Franklin Pierce University Campus History: Northwoods Apartments

Franklin Pierce University was founded in 1962 on the shores of Pearly Pond in Rindge, New Hampshire. This guide explores the growth of the campus over the past 50 years.



History of Northwood Apartments

In 1993, the Rindge Planning Board approved plans for construction of new student apartments.  The buildings would be located between the new tennis courts and Mountainview Apartments. Some of the wooded area was cut down, but the softball field was left untouched.  (Pierce Arrow, 11/5/93)

The Northwoods Apartments were constructed in 1994. With the renovation of Crestview and the loss of beds for 66 students, another dorm was needed.  The Northwoods apartments were located behind the tennis and basketball courts. A courtyard is located between the apartments and the woods.  There is additional parking as well.   The Northwoods Apts. added 120 beds. They included intercom systems in every unit to announce guests. And there were no RD apartments.  (Pierce Arrow 9/21/94)

In 2000, an accessible walkway was constructed to connect the Northwood Apartments to the Library.

In 2005-6, Northwoods were designated for junior residents only. (Pierce Arrow, 3/16/2005)


In 2014, Northwoods F Tower was designated for Wellness Living.



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