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Health Care Administration Research Guide

Library resources related to Health Care Administration

How can I access library databases?

In order to access databases from off-campus you need your Franklin Pierce email address and password. 

Your username is the information before the @ symbol in your email address.  For example, if your email is then your username is smithj11.

Problems accessing our databases from home or work?

This guide will help you diagnose and correct database access problems. To troubleshoot your database connection, please follow the steps in the order indicated. If you continue to have problems after trying all of the steps, please contact a librarian for further assistance.


1. Are you following a link embedded in another document? Please open a new browser tab or window and type (or copy & paste) the library's address directly into your address bar. Then try to access the databases again. Library Web Address:

2. When you click on a database link, you should see a login screen. The username and password for the databases are the same as the username and password you use to access your Franklin Pierce e-mail account. If you are unsure what your FPU e-mail username and password are, please contact the IT Helpdesk at 603-899-4214. The library staff does not have a way to access your username and password information.

3. If you are using the correct username and password and still not connecting to the databases, try clearing your browser's cookies and cache (temporary Internet files), and try again.

How to clear cookies and cache:

Internet Explorer – Click on ‘Tools’, then ‘Delete Browsing History’ OR Click on ‘Tools’, then click Delete button under ‘Browsing History’  

Firefox – Click on ‘Tools’, then ‘Clear Recent History’

Unsure which browser you are using? This website will tell you. Need directions for a different browser? Look at this guide.

4. Are you trying to access the databases from work? If so you may be behind a security firewall that is blocking database access. You can contact your network administrator and ask him or her to open ports 2048-2348. The administrator may decline, in which case you will be unable to access the databases on that network (this frequently occurs when trying to access the databases from a hospital campus).

5. Having trouble accessing our databases from your work laptop? Are you connected to work via a VPN? If so, you will need to log out of the VPN and then login to the library’s databases. You cannot access the databases while you are connected to your VPN.

6. Still not getting into the databases? Before contacting the library, please make a detailed description of the problem you are encountering. If there is an error message or alert on the screen, write it down exactly as it appears on the screen, word for word. If you are not getting an error screen but there is another problem, please be prepared to explain what is happening in detail. During regular reference hours (Mon.-Thurs. 10am-9pm, Fri. 10am-3pm, Sun. 4-9pm) you can contact the reference desk at (603) 899-1149 or e-mail; at other times please contact the main desk of the library at (603) 899-4140.