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GLE 120 Digging in: A Dialogue about Sustainability: Getting Started


Welcome to the LibGuide portion of Digging In: A Dialogue on Sustainability.  This LibGuide will help students through the research process and the evaluation of sources for GLE 120 assignments.  

Finding quality sources is not as easy as doing a simple search in one of the library databases or Google.  

Quality research is

  • crafting a "good" question about the topic;
  • getting background information on the topic from tertiary sources;
  • coming up with key search terms;
  • conducting an initial search in the library catalog and databases for quality secondary and primary sources;
  • evaluating your results and REsearching your topic.  



Digging In is designed for select sections of First-Year Composition II to explore our relationship with food. 

  • First students will tell stories about the role food plays in our lives, and its significance in family and cultural traditions. 
  • Next students will research an ingredient in a favorite food and present their findings in a poster session. This includes library research, readings, engaging the experts, and sharing concerns. 
  • With the assistance of the project team, students will share concerns about food and sustainability.The project team will then revise the issue guide based on student concerns which explore the impact of our choices about food. 
  • The guide will be used in the participating composition courses to identify actions which students may take for Earth Day.
Public Events
  • How Sustainable Is Your Favorite Food?  Poster Session 
    • Tuesday, March 10  @ 6 PM 
  • Earth Day Actions Developed in In-Class Forums
    • Week of April 20 
In Class Sessions
  • A Taste: Sharing Memories and Stories about Food
    • January 21-30
  • Concern Collecting: What Concerns You about the Impact of Our Food Choices?
    • Week of March 9
  • Digging In:  In-Class Forums
    • Week of March 30 


    This project is presented by

    • First Year Composition Program
    • New England Center for Civic Life
    • Monadnock Institute's Sustainability Coordinator
    • DiPetro Library assisting

Navigating the Library Website

Searching the Library Catalog