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Instruction Room Policy

Policy: The LIR is designated for approved events during the Library's normal hours of operation only. Events are to be approved by and scheduled with Eric Shannon, Reference and Instruction Librarian.

Events considered acceptable use include:

  • Library instruction or information literacy sessions
  • Library-sponsored events
  • Occasional class meetings that require use of the room's instructional technology equipment
  • University administrative departmental training/events that require use of the room's instructional technology equipment

The LIR is not available for semester-long scheduling of meetings or courses or for multiple, ongoing meetings of scheduled academic classes (since those classes have assigned rooms and scheduling would negate the availability of blocks for course-specific library instruction).

Faculty who are only booking a couple of sessions per semester and not requesting a librarian to be present can book as far in advance as they wish. Faculty booking more than 2 sessions per week for a particular class cannot book more than one week in advance. This policy is intended to prevent one or more faculty members from unintentionally "locking out" other faculty from using the room. Exceptions to this rule will be made for library business, for engagements involving outside speakers, and at the discretion of the Director of Library Services.

The LIR will only be used for class presentations in the event that Media Services is unable to provide a laptop and projector in the room the class is normally held in. Faculty and students should contact the IT Help Desk or, in his absence, the Reference & Instruction Librarian to make arrangements.

Those authorized to use the LIR will be responsible for the LIR and its equipment. Any changes or modifications to the equipment configuration must be approved in advance by the Reference/Instruction Librarian. All changes must be made by arrangement with the IT department.

Prior to using the LIR, please note:

  • The LIR has a touch screen projector. If you need training on how to use the touch screen, please contact either Eric Shannon or Leslie Inglis prior to using the room.
  • The remote for the projector as well as two touch screen pens are available to be checked out at the circulation desk
  • Laptops are available for students to use in a locked charging cart located in the LIR. Keyes to unlock the charging cart are also available at the circulation desk

Authorized users of the LIR will ensure that the room is as functional upon completion of the event as it was when they gained access to it.

Please check the following after each use:

  • Close windows.
  • Make sure instructor computer is turned off
  • Make sure all laptops are returned to their correct location in the charging cart
  • Erase content on whiteboard.
  • Turn off lights and lock the door when leaving.
  • Turn off blower to heating/cooling system.
  • Please remind students to exit the library quietly.
  • Please return charging cart key, touch screen pens, and projector remote to the circulation desk

Non-observance of this policy may result in the loss of LIR use privileges at the discretion of the Director of Library Services.


5 May 2005; Revised 4 August 2009; Revised: January 22, 2013; Revised February 22, 2018

Reference and Instruction

With the mission and philosophy of nurturing information-literate library users, the reference librarians promote the acquisition of information through a patient, approachable and interactive style of inquiry, guidance, and instruction. Contact Eric Shannon to schedule library instruction sessions or for individualized research assistance.