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Featured Books: Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

A selection of new titles in the Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

New Books - Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

These items are highlights from newly acquired materials selected to support the information needs of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS)

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Science Fiction and Political Philosophy: From Bacon to Black Mirror

Sometimes called the "literature of ideas," science fiction is a natural medium for normative political philosophy. Science fiction's focus on technology, space and time travel, non-human lifeforms, and parallel universes cannot help but invoke the perennial questions of political life, including the nature of a just social order and who should rule; freedom, free will, and autonomy; and the advantages and disadvantages of progress. Rather than offering a reading of a work inspired by a particular thinker or tradition, each chapter presents a careful reading of a classic or contemporary work in the genre (a novel, short story, film, or television series) to illustrate and explore the themes and concepts of political philosophy.

Care for the Mental and Spiritual Health of Black Men: Hope to keep going

Black men need hope to survive and, ultimately, flourish. As mental health is a critical but often neglected issue, especially among Black men, Care for the Mental and Spiritual Health of Black Men examines that sensitive topic in conjunction with reflections on race, gender, sexuality, and class to offer a hopeful and constructive framework for care and counseling, particularly for Black men. These are not separate from spiritual health and growth, as well, but both are integral to holistic, dynamic wellbeing. In this, the author provides a careful and critical analysis of spiritual hope and healing as ingredient to individual and communal flourishing. As such, this volume will be a vital resource for health practitioners, spiritual caregivers, and providers in community care who serve to bolster the mental wellbeing of Black men.

Make America hate again : Trump-era horror and the politics of fear

Horror films have traditionally sunk their teeth into straitened times, reflecting, expressing and validating the spirit of the epoch, and capitalising on the political and cultural climate in which they are made. This book shows how the horror genre has adapted itself to the transformation of contemporary American politics and the mutating role of traditional and new media in the era of Donald Trump's Presidency of the United States. Exploring horror's renewed potential for political engagement in a socio-political climate characterised by the angst of civil conflict, the deception of `alternative facts' and the threat of nuclear or biological conflict and global warming, Make America Hate Again examines the intersection of film, politics, and American culture and society through a bold critical analysis of popular horror (films, television shows, podcasts and online parodies), such as 10 Cloverfield Lane, American Horror Story, Don't Breathe, Get Out, Hotel Transylvania 2, Hush, It, It Comes at Night, South Park, The Babadook, The Walking Dead, The Woman, The Witch and Twin Peaks: The Return. The first major exploration of the horror genre through the lens of the Trump era, it investigates the correlations between recent, culturally meaningful horror texts, and the broader culture within which they have become gravely significant. Offering a rejuvenating, optimistic, and positive perspective on popular culture as a site of cultural politics, Make America Hate Again will appeal to scholars and students of American studies, film and media studies, and cultural studies.

Civil Rights Movements: Past and Present

This new, two-volume set explores the ways in which civil rights have been given, cemented, overturned, or left unrecognized, from the first uprisings to present-day 2020. In 2014, as the nation celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the March on Washington, civil rights groups such as Black Lives Matter were organizing. Though our societal rhetoric has shifted, the struggle remains the same. In 362 alphabetically arranged essays, ranging in length from 200 to 2,700 words, Civil Rights Movements: Past & Present examines a wide range of civil rights issues in all their manifestations. This edition not only provides 64 new articles but also includes hundreds of updates to older articles that include new biographical resources. Not just focusing on the history of African American civil rights in the United States, this new edition has been expanded to include other civil rights movements—the women’s movement, the LGBT movement, the Chicano Movement, the American Indian Movement, and the disability rights movement—while still maintaining a comprehensive overview of African American civil rights. The entries are arranged alphabetically and run from “Abolition” to “Zoning.” These informative essays provide the necessary historical background to foster a better, more in-depth understanding of the events and figures that are shaping today’s conversations on civil rights.

The Far Right Today

The far right is back with a vengeance. After several decades at the political margins, far-right politics has again taken center stage. Three of the world's largest democracies - Brazil, India, and the United States - now have a radical right leader, while far-right parties continue to increase their profile and support within Europe. In this timely book, leading global expert on political extremism Cas Mudde provides a concise overview of the fourth wave of postwar far-right politics, exploring its history, ideology, organization, causes, and consequences, as well as the responses available to civil society, party, and state actors to challenge its ideas and influence. What defines this current far-right renaissance, Mudde argues, is its mainstreaming and normalization within the contemporary political landscape. Challenging orthodox thinking on the relationship between conventional and far-right politics, Mudde offers a complex and insightful picture of one of the key political challenges of our time.

Digital photographer's handbook

Discover how to get the very best from your photography with clear step-by-step guidance from expert photographer, Tom Ang. In this fully comprehensive photography companion, renowned photographer and teacher Tom Ang teaches you how to capture, enhance, and transform your photographs. The first half of the book explains all of the essential techniques that every photographer needs to learn - from how to handle your camera correctly and understand its features, to composing a successful shot.
The second half develops your understanding of photography, guiding you through a range of projects that focus on different photographic genres and subjects, including landscapes, cityscapes, and live events. It explains how to digitally enhance your images, not only to improve the original shot, but also to apply creative techniques that will take your image to a new level. This section also gives advice on the best way to share your work, to choosing the most suitable equipment, and should you wish, how to develop a career in photography.