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Featured Books: Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

A selection of new titles in the Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

New Books - Humanities

These items are highlights from newly acquired materials selected to support the information needs of Humanities programs at the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS). On this page, you may browse humanities books categorized by subject area.

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This Is Metaphysics: An introduction

Metaphysics--the philosophical study of the nature of reality--is a dynamic sub-field which encompasses many of the most fundamental and elusive questions in contemporary analytic philosophy. A concise and focused introduction to contemporary metaphysics, This is Metaphysics: An Introduction takes readers with minimal technical knowledge of the field on a guided tour of the intellectual landscape of the discipline. Approachable and engaging, the book covers a broad range of key topics and principles in metaphysics, including classification, the nature and existence of properties, ontology, the nature of possibility and necessity, and fundamental questions concerning being and existence. Each chapter challenges readers to grapple with thought-provoking examples that build upon the seminal theoretical contributions of contemporary metaphysicians like Peter van Inwagen and David Lewis, and concludes with a "Doing Metaphysics" section encouraging readers to think through substantive metaphysical questions while weighing possible arguments and objections. A thoughtful and comprehensive introduction provides a framework for author Kris McDaniel's pedagogical approach, and each section incorporates multi-platform online resources and plentiful footnotes to support further reading and deeper conceptual engagement. A welcome addition to the popular This is Philosophy series, This is Metaphysics is a reader-friendly survey of metaphysics for philosophy majors, undergraduates in introductory philosophy courses, and curious members of the general public interested in investigating this expansive and enigmatic area of study.  

Furious Flower: Seeding the future of African American poetry

Furious Flower: Seeding the Future of African American Poetry is an anthology of poems by more than one hundred award-winning poets, including Jericho Brown, Justin Philip Reed, and Tracy K. Smith, with themed essays on poetics from celebrated scholars such as Kwame Dawes, Meta DuEwa Jones, and Evie Shockley. The Furious Flower Poetry Center is the nation's first academic center for Black poetry. In this eponymous collection, editors Joanne V. Gabbin and Lauren K. Alleyne bring together many of the paramount voices in Black poetry and poetics active today, composing an electrifying mosaic of voices, generations, and aesthetics that reveals the Black narrative in the  work of twentieth- and twenty-first-century writers. Intellectually enlightening and powerfully enlivening, Furious Flower explores and celebrates the idea of the Black poetic voice by posing the question, What's next for Black poetic expression?

Public History: A practical guide

The 2nd edition of Public History- A Practical Guide provides a fresh examination of history as practiced in its various worldly guises and contexts. It analyses the many skills that historians require in the practice of public history and looks at how a range of actors, including museums, archives, government agencies, community history societies and the media/digital media, make history accessible to a wider audience in a variety of ways. Faye Sayer's exciting new edition includes- * Brand new chapters on 'Restoration and Preservation' and history and the working world * Substantial additions covering the growing fields of digital history and history in politics * More images, figures and international case studies from the US, Australia, the UK, Europe and Asia * 'Personal Reflection' sections from a range of industry experts from around the world * Historiographical updates and significant revisions throughout the text * Expanded online 'Public History Toolkit' resource, with a range of new features Public History- A Practical Guide delivers a comprehensive outline of this increasingly prevalent area of the discipline, offering a distinctly global approach that is both accessible and engaging in equal measure. Finally, it explores future methodological possibilities and can be used as a reference point for professional development planning in the sectors discussed. This is the essential overview for any student wanting to know what history means beyond the classroom.

Not Even Past: The stories we keep telling about the Civil War

The American Civil War lives on in our collective imagination like few other events. The story of the war has been retold in countless films, novels, poems, memoirs, plays, sculptures, and monuments. Often remembered as an emancipatory struggle, as an attempt to destroy slavery in America now and forever, it is also memorialized as a fight for Southern independence; as a fratricide that divided the national family; and as a dark, cruel conflict defined by its brutality. What do these stories, myths, and rumors have in common, and what do they teach us about modern America? In this fascinating book, Cody Marrs reveals how these narratives evolved over time and why they acquired such lasting power. Marrs addresses an eclectic range of texts, traditions, and creators, from Walt Whitman, Abram Ryan, and Abraham Lincoln to Margaret Mitchell, D. W. Griffith, and W. E. B. Du Bois. He also identifies several basic plots about the Civil War that anchor public memory and continually compete for cultural primacy. In other words, from the perspective of American cultural memory, there is no single Civil War. Whether they fill us with elation or terror; whether they side with the North or the South; whether they come from the 1860s, the 1960s, or today, these stories all make one thing vividly clear: the Civil War is an ongoing conflict, persisting not merely as a cultural touchstone but as an unresolved struggle through which Americans inevitably define themselves. A timely, evocative, and beautifully written book, Not Even Past is essential reading for anyone interested in the Civil War and its role in American history.

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