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Child & Adolescent Literature Guide: Authors Speak!

This guide features videos and information about authors of children's and young adult literature.

Talking About Writing

"...writers write for the same reason readers read — to find out the end of the story." --Ann Turner

"Writing is like any athletics or dancing — it has to be practiced every day because otherwise the writing muscle goes flabby.... A writer doesn't run out of ideas — a writer runs out of time."--Jane Yolen

"For the writer, there is nothing quite like having someone say that he or she understands, that you have reached them and affected them with what you have written....It is the communal cooking pot, the Street, all over again. It is our need to know we are not alone."--Virginia Hamilton

"I'm at the mercy of whatever character comes into my head." --Kate DiCamillo

"I make pictures for the child in me. My work is actually my way of playing. That's why I think children enjoy my books; they recognize me as one of their own."--Brian Pinkney

"There is a  space shared between  the writer and her books, within which all is up for grabs." --Cynthia Voigt


Authors Talk

The links below will take you to collections of videos and resources by and about children's authors and illustrators.