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National Library Week

Check out events taking place at DiPietro Library as we celebrate National Library Week!

National Library Week Banner

Even librarians miss deadlines! National Library Week is officially celebrated across the country from April 7-13, but the staff at the DiPietro Library will be holding a series of events and contests during the week of April 15-19.

Schedule of Events

Favorite Database Bracket Playoff

  • Date: Monday, April 15-Friday April 19th
  • Details: Come to the library each day of National Library Week and vote for your favorite database! Each time that you vote, your name will be entered into a raffle. Students' favorite database will be announced on Friday, April 19th.

Edible Book Event

  • Date: Wednesday, April 17th from noon to 1
  • Location: DiPietro Library First Floor near main display case
  • Details: Decorate a cake in honor of a favorite book and include it as part of our Edible Book display. Students who participate will have their names entered into a competition to win a $20 gift card to the FPU bookstore.

Database Matching Game

  • Date: Monday, April 15-Friday April 19th
  • Location: DiPietro Library First Floor
  • Details: Try to match the databases to their descriptions. The student with the most correct matches will receive a $20 gift card to the FPU bookstore. The winner will be announced the next week via email.  If more than one person answers each question correctly, we’ll draw to decide a winner. 

Borrow a Librarian

  • We have thousands of items you can borrow from the DiPietro Library, but this event offers you the chance to borrow a librarian for thirty minutes.  Choose from Eric Shannon, Mary Anne Blauert, Leslie Inglis, Paul Jenkins, and Amy Horton.  During your half-hour with the librarian of your choice, ask him/her about how librarians can assist FPU students, why s/he chose to become a librarian, or any other questions you might have.

LC Call Number Scavenger Hunt

  • Date: Monday April 15-Friday April 19th
  • Location: Begin the scavenger hunt by picking up a call number at either the Circulation Desk or the Reference Desk, both located on the first floor of DiPietro Library.
  • Details: Find the book with the correct call number and discover a snack! Please be sure to check out our guide to the Library of Congress Classification system for help understanding how to use call numbers.