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National Library Week

Check out events taking place at DiPietro Library as we celebrate National Library Week!

Student testimonials

“I have received lots of help from Eric Shannon. He showed me how to use the library database and how to look up book/ articles by topic. It has been a skill that I have used in many of my other classes. Now that I work in the library, I feel like I am a pro and I really enjoy helping others. All of the librarians at FPU are extremely helpful and always give me the answers I’m looking for. I really enjoy spending my time in the library and utilizing the resources they have to offer.” 

Ashley Haluch (student)


"Jill has helped me in so many ways besides for just with library resources. She is always there to talk to about anything that is going on in my life and help me with anything she can. She has taught me to be more assertive and maintain a positive work ethnic during my time working at the library. The library would not be the same without her."

--Holly Hay (student)

"In my freshman year of college I was afraid of the library. I don't know why, but I couldn't bring myself to come here, preferring to do all of my homework in my room (which did not prove great, because I could never focus). After getting a job in the library however, I can't get enough of it. Through the help of all of the librarians the library has become a warm, welcoming place that I spend 80 percent of my time in. I feel very lucky to have this job and this library on our campus. "

--Betsy Coughlin (student)

Faculty and staff testimonials

“In my course ‘The American Soundscape’ students are required to use ‘scholarly sources’ in their weekly research assignments and Eric Shannon is my “go to” when students are in need of assistance in understanding what ‘scholarly’ sources are and where and how to find them. Without Eric’s reference expertise and without his engaging and caring manner, many of my students would be in danger of failing my course!”

–Séamus Pender, M.A.

“Librarian Leslie Inglis conducted a guided tour of library resources that culminated with a fun scavenger hunt, prizes included.  Students were amazed at the amount of information that was available to them, and enjoyed the friendly competition.”

–Dr. Maria Altobello

"Jill Wixom, Amy Horton, Eric Shannon and all the staff provide vital support for faculty research. Much appreciated." 

–Dr. Mary Kelly

“Librarians are a lifeline. I have relied on our Franklin Pierce University librarians for help with my course materials and with my research and writing. They have helped explicate citations issues, find obscure documents/books, elucidate the rewards of using the MLA International Bibliography to my students. Serious applause needs to be given our librarians. Students: take advantage of these learned and wise professionals. You are not alone!”

–Dr. Donna Decker