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FYI Health and Wellness Topics

What We Find Interesting

Madisyn: I have lost people extremely close to me from this disease, and have had multiple family members diagnosed with it, which is what initiated my curiosity in the topic. How can something so simple as the over production of cells be so destructive to the lives of millions? I am interested in discovering the new breakthroughs in cancer treatments. What ways can medical innovation help make a cancer diagnosis just a disease and not a death sentence?  

This topic interested me because I have had many people in my life suffer from cancer, including my grandfather who passed, but it wasn't from cancer. He was able to beat his lung and pancreatic cancer before he passed, and I consider it to be a miracle. I am interested in finding out about new treatments that can be used to fight against the cancerous cells and help jumpstart the path to being able to finding a cure for different types of cancers.

Jacob This topic interests me because cancer is such a horrible disease. And it is also a major factor in society now of days. The topic is interesting due to the fact I hope cancer is cured in the next ten or more years.  

Background Information

A big part of cancer research starts with stem cells. Stem cells have the ability to be transformed into any type of cell, so when they turn into cancer cells, the result can be deadly. Cancer stem cells (CSCs) cause the build up of treatment resistant tumors and other various malignant growths in the body. These cells were discovered towards the end of the twentieth century when scientists were looking for an explanation for acute myeloid leukemia, a common type of blood cell cancer. The cancerous cells closely resembled the normal multipotent blood stem cells, except were strongly resistant to treatment like chemotherapy, for a reason still not yet discovered today.



What We Learned

Madisyn: During my search, I learned about the use of oncolytic viruses and how they are being used in clinical trials. These are genetically modified viruses that will go into the body and actually infect cancer cells, causing them to die. As the cancer cells die, they release more virus particles into the body which work to kill the remainder of the tumor. If this is declared to be a successful cancer treatment, then that means patients may no longer have to suffer through radiation and chemo treatments, which can reduce pain and nausea throughout the course of their treatment.  

What I learned from this project was that cancer stem cells can mutate itself into different cancers that affect the nervous system that fights against the common aggressive treatments like chemotherapy and other treatments. The cancerous stem cells look remarkably similar to the original healthy cells, which cause the cancer to be spread throughout the system as your body tries to fight off the cells during treatment, killing off the healthy regular cells. These factors cause neurological cancers like brain cancer to be so deadly and detrimental to the body.


I found intresting all the diffrent types of cancer.  The next reason is the major factor it has on our country and the whole world. One day cancer will be cured  in time I hope.