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FYI Health and Wellness Topics

What We Find Interesting

Alex - What I find most interesting about nutrition is the effects that it has on the body, especially when it comes to athletic performance and recovery. I've spoken to trainers and sports nutritionists that have helped me in the past, and the information they've shared with me has really peaked an interest. 

Preston- I find sports nutrition and recovery most interesting. I want to learn about nutrition that will help enhance athletic performance as well as recovery.

Ryan- What I find most interesting about nutrition is that you need to take care of your body throughout your lifetime. Eating right can really boost your physical abilities and help you recover from injury.

Joyce- I have always been interested in how much nutrition plays a role in cancer because I know a lot of people that have had cancer, and have always wondered if their diet has played a role in it.

Background Information

Nutrition is a broad term that can have a slightly varying definition depending on what field the term is being used in. One definition of the word is, "the supply of materials - food - required by organisms and cells to stay alive... the science or practice of consuming and utilizing foods" (Nordqvist). Nutrition is something that should matter to just about everybody, it affects us all. Nutrition is often linked to topics such as health and athletics. People who need to improve their health often turn to dieting, and athletes looking to fine-tune their game tend to have nutritional habits that could be beneficial. Websites such as are options that provide information to the general public about different nutrition-based topics including dietary supplements, food assistance programs, health issues, cooking, and a number of other things that could relate to the topic. Included in the boxes below are ways to find more information about nutrition and different ways that expanding your knowledge on this subject can help you.



What We Learned

Preston- I learned that milk is one of the best foods for recovery after an event, because it provides a good balance of protein and carbohydrates.

Ryan- I learned that nutrition is so much more than eating right. It's about living an an all around healthy lifestyle and being able to maintain that throughout your life. Taking care of yourself is very important and what you put into your body can either physically benefit or ruin your body.

Alex - I learned that the government's page about nutrition has a very diverse coverage on the subject area. There are dozens of links that relate nutrition to many different topics, namely the ones listed under the "Background Information" area of this guide.

Joyce- I learned that nutrition can have a big impact on someone's chances of getting cancer, and realized how much someone can decrease their chances of getting cancer if they have a good diet and take the right amount of vitamins. Before this I didn't even realize the number of cancer cases that were caused by someone's diet, and how consuming food that has a high amount of energy can increase someone's chances of getting cancer.