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FYI Health and Wellness Topics

What We Find Interesting

Liz - What I found most interesting is that your body needs sleep for everything. Sleep is an important factor to everyday life and if you don't get enough of it every night then you are not capable of doing your best in your daily activities. 

Florisbeth - I think that sleep is an interesting topic as well because there are many things that go into it. If a person goes days without sleeping, there are a lot of symptoms they could experience like become delusional and so on. Also, how sleep connects to your everyday life. Sleep connects to a person's life mentally, socially, and physically. 

Eddie - I find the topic of sleep very interesting. I think that it is a very important topic as well, because everybody in the world sleeps one way or another. I have always heard people emphasizing the importance of sleep but I never really knew too many details on it. I also find it interesting that there are certain factors in a persons life that may effect their sleep schedule.

Background Information

When it comes to quality of sleep, technology beforehand can be very negative. Many adolescents are associated with using technology before sleep. The extreme use of technology nowadays has an increase of stress and basically makes it harder for ourselves to know when to actually sleep at a healthy time (Park 55). By not getting a good night's sleep at a healthy time (Park 55). By not getting a good night's sleep, consequences such as a risky behavior, substance use, and emotional disorders may occur (Marhefka 22). "20% of all serious car crashes in the general population are associated with driver sleepiness (Conner et al.,2002)." (Marhefka 22). Not getting the right amount of good sleep can be unhealthy and dangerous. 



What We Learned

Eddie - The most interesting new concept that I learned is that while we sleep, there is actually a lot more recovering of the body that goes on than we than we actually think. Different muscles and bones are actually recovering throughout sleep, thus why sleep is very vital to our everyday life

Liz - During my research, the most interesting thing I learned was that sleep lets your whole whole body rest and repair and getting enough sleep every night is one of the most important things you can do. I also learned that so many different diseases can be linked to sleep, and so many things that you do  before bed could effect your sleep. 

During the research, I thought it was interesting to find that the consequences of sleep loss is not just something small. Sleep loss could result in lack of concentration, irratability, inability to stay awake at crucial moments, poor job and social performance, hallucinations, and even death. It is interesting to look at sleep as not just something you do every night but as a need. I never thought that it could make such a big difference. Our bodies need sleep to be able to work.