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National Library Week

Check out events taking place at DiPietro Library as we celebrate National Library Week!

LC Call Number Scavenger Hunt

Use the information below to help you  find the book with the correct call number and discover a snack! Game details and clues available at the Circulation and Reference Desks.


The Library of Congress Classification (LC) is a system of library classification that is used as a method to group like subjects together on library book shelves. Each book has a unique identification number that is found on the spine of books and in the library's catalog records. 

These unique shelf location numbers allow the books to be organized alphabetically by Library of Congress subject letters and numbers, grouping like subjects together for easier browsing.

Here's a sample call number, with an explanation for each line:

-   indicates the general subject area; presented on the shelf in alphabetical order

407 -  number line which indicates more specifically the subject area; presented on the shelf in numerical order within the B section

.A2713-  combination of letters and numbers that often represent the author's last name; presented on the shelf in alphabetical then decimal order

2001 - year of publication; presented chronologically on the shelf

Sometimes the library location is also indicated above the call number (for example REF for Reference, CURR, for the Curriculum Library, or DVD for our DVD collection).

Finding a book in the library

Finding a book in the library

Step 1 Use the library catalog to identify the call number of the book that you are interested in. 

Step 2 Find the stack where your book is located by looking at the labels indicating the range of call numbers of the books on that stack.

Step 3 Look at the spine of the book to find your specific call number


Quiz Yourself!

Now that you learned more about Library of Congress Classification System, test your knowledge with the following quizzes