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Open Educational Resources

Stipend Information

Franklin Pierce University, via the IDEAL grant, is offering a pilot financial stipend program to selected faculty who intend to adopt or adapt existing Open Educational Resources for their courses. The goal of the stipend program is two-fold: to ease the financial burden of higher education for students, by providing low or no-cost textbooks and other learning materials; and to allow faculty to experiment with new approaches to teaching.

The program is based largely on the OER Stipend Program at Western Oregon University (CC-BY). 

The OER stipend program is open to all faculty, regardless of rank. In Phase One, a total of ten awards, ranging from $1,000 to $2,000, will be awarded. Stipends will be evaluated according to the following criteria: 

  • The demonstrated need for an open educational resource in the proposed course, as articulated by the applicant.
  • Anticipated cost savings to FP students through OER adoption or adaptation
  • Likelihood of the OER being used in other FP courses.

To find existing OER in your discipline, try searching one of the following repositories: OASISOpen Textbook LibraryBCCampusOER CommonsMERLOTOpenStax. If you would like help searching for OER, contact Katie Beth Ryan at

Please note: While this round of stipends does not include awards for faculty who create open educational resources, a future round will likely include stipends for this purpose.  

The deadline for applications for Phase One, for Fall 2021 OER Implementation, is February 1, 2021. You can access the application form here


Stipends will be offered to faculty who wish to 

  • Adopt existing OER ($1,000), with little revision to the content, to replace the current commercial textbook and/or learning materials used in your course, or
  • Adapt existing OER ($2,000) with major revisions, or create an adaptation using multiple OER that will replace current textbook and/or learning materials used in your course.   


Recipients of the stipend will:

  • Attend a meeting with Project Coordinator Katie Beth Ryan
  • Provide a current syllabus that includes commercial textbooks and/or learning materials, and create a draft syllabus that incorporates use of OER 
  • Teach the course using OER in all assigned sections for at least one semester. 
  • Release any adaptations of OER under an appropriate Creative Commons license.  
  • Notify both the Registrar’s Office and the FPU Bookstore regarding the use of the OER.
  • Submit a final report on the experience of implementing OER in their class, including benefits, challenges, and future opportunities, as they relate to teaching and delivering content.  


The Creative Commons CC-BY license, featuring the letters "CC" in black font, against white background, inside a black circle. There is a black outline of a human figure, against white background, inside a black circle. Beneath the human figure, the words "BY" appear in white against black background.

The Franklin Pierce Faculty OER Stipend program is based upon Western Oregon University (WOU) Library's Research Guide on Open Educational Resources (OER) by Regina Gong (LCC), and edited by Amy Larson (LCC), and Sue Kunda (WOU), is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License