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Spooky Stories!

Your guide to local legends, folklore, oral history, and how they all pertain to ghost stories!


Use this page to access recommended resources for conducting research related to oral history and folklore. Below, you will find

  • A list of recommended eJournals to locate related articles
  • A list of recommended databases to locate related articles
  • A list of recommended subject terms that will enable you to search for books by subject
  • A Library of Congress Classification guide that will help you find books related to this topic

Recommended Databases

Search by Library of Congress Classification

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Browse the Library of Congress Classification Outline to search for ranges of books by subject classification. It provides a guide to the books that are actually in the library's collections. You can search DiPietro Library's print books for the topics that interest you! The ranges listed here are the beginnings of books' call numbers. Below you will find subclass ranges for subjects relevant to this topic.

Class B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

Subclass BF - Psychology‚Äč

  • BF1404-2055 - Occult sciences
    • BF1444-1486 - Ghosts. Apparitions. Hauntings
    • BF1562.5-1584 - Witchcraft
    • BF1783-1815 - Seers. Prophets. Prophecies
    • BF1845-1891 - Fortune-telling

Class F - History of the Americas

Subclass F1-975 - United States local history

  • F1-15 - New England
    • F16-30 - Maine
    • F31-45 - New Hampshire
    • F46-60 - Vermont
    • F61-75 - Massachusetts

Class G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

Subclass GN - Anthropology

  • GN357-367 - Culture and cultural processes
  • GN378-396 - Collected ethnographies
  • GN451-477.7 - Intellectual life, including communication, recreation, philosophy, religion, knowledge, etc.

Subclass GR - Folklore

  • GR72-79 - Folk literature (General), including folktales, legends
  • GR81 - Folk beliefs, superstitions, etc. (General)
  • GR99.6-390 - By region or country
  • GR420-950 - By subject
    • GR500-615 - Supernatural beings, demonology, fairies, ghosts, charms, etc.
    • GR880 - Medicine. Folk medicine.
    • GR931-935 - Signs and symbols
    • GR940-941 - Mythical places