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Data Planet User Guide

This guide will provide you with information on using the Data Planet database to find the statistics that you are looking for.

Guide Assistance

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Reference Desk
Phone: 603-899-1149

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Mon.- Thursday 10am-9pm

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Sunday 4pm-9pm

Exceptions are posted at the desk.

Access Data Planet Here

General Overview

Data Planet Statistical Datasets is a web-based research solutions tool that provides fast and easy access to data from licensed and public domain datasets within an easy-to-use interface. With this dynamic tool, you can scan the contents of the collection, select subjects and variables of interest, and view your data in side-by-side tables and charts. The Data Planet repository contains more than 52 billion data points from 6.2 billion datasets sourced from 75+ source organizations. There are billions of charts, maps, views, rankings, time series and tables available for use in the Data Planet repository. All of the data have been standardized and structured, and are described with up to 37 fields of metadata, including a controlled vocabulary. 

In addition to Data Planet's basic statistical datasets, DiPietro Library also subscribes to EASI Analytics which focuses on demographic characteristics, consumer spending, and behavior patterns.


Video Tutorials

This tutorial provides a general overview of Data Planet

This tutorial provides an in-depth overview of the main features of the Data Planet interface

This tutorial demonstrates how to use EASI Analytics, a premium module within Data Planet that is focused on demographics, consumer spending, and behavior