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How to Use JSTOR

Cite your sources accurately

It's important to cite your sources accurately. JSTOR can help - each book chapter and article on the site includes a "Cite This Item" link. Select that option, and you will see a new window with a preformatted citation, in MLA, APA, and Chicago styles. Click on the clipboard icon to copy the preferred format. 


The preformatted citations on JSTOR are updated as the style rules change, but it's always a good idea to double check before submitting your final paper.

Organize your research using My Lists

My Lists allows you to create multiple lists to store and organize citations for items on JSTOR. You can create multiple lists for different topics and projects. Watch a two minute video demonstration of how to use My Lists.

The "Add To My Lists" button appears on the search results list and on the individual article, book chapter, and pamphlet pages. Select "Add to My Lists," then select a list or create a new one, and add your citation. 

Lists are stored within a MyJSTOR account and can be accessed at any time from the MyJSTOR menu. The citing and export options available from the lists are the same options that appear on search results, item view pages, and Tables of Contents pages. Citations can be added, deleted, cited, and exported from a list at any time when you are logged in. 


Start projects and papers with the outline builder

The outline builder is a feature integrated with My Lists on JSTOR.  You can use the tool to organize citations and draft paper and project outlines without leaving JSTOR. Watch a two minute video demonstration of how to use the outline builder. 

Each citation list you create has a "build outline" button in it. Selecting "build outline" enables you to create an outline for tracking your notes, a paper draft, or a project. In the outline builder, you can:

  • Add a thesis statement 
  • Add sections that may include a name and notes or text for your paper
  • Import a citation from a list you've created on JSTOR, or manually add one for an external resource (a website, printed book, video, etc.)
  • Add specific citations from your list to the section
  • Edit and reorganize sections at any time
  • Format the citations in MLA, APA, or Chicago styles
  • Download a formatted copy of the outline as a MS Word document

Screenshot of JSTOR Outline Builder

The outline builder includes a frequent auto-save feature. You can choose to stop and come back later - you won’t lose your work if you navigate away before downloading the outline. There is no limit on the overall number of lists or outlines that may be created. However, only one outline can currently be created for each list.