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Diversity in Children's and YA Literature

It can be challenging to find books in the library catalog that depict diversity in its many forms.  Below I suggest some possible approaches.

Keyword Searches: Keyword searches are the easiest way to search the catalog.  Start your catalog search by entering the phrase juvenile fiction and then add another more specific term.  For example, to find children's or young adult fiction titles on Japan, enter the search phrase juvenile fiction japan.   To find titles on depictions of disabilities, enter the search phrase juvenile fiction disabilities.  For non-fiction titles you can use a similar approach: juvenile nonfiction disabilities

Subject Heading Searches: Using subject headings in a catalog search is the most accurate way to find titles on your topic, but it can be difficult to identify the right subject headings to use.  One of the easiest ways to find appropriate subject headings for your search is to conduct a keyword search, and then in the description of the book you've identified, see the list of subject headings assigned to that title.  You can then click on these hyperlinks to conduct a new search.  Thus you might find subject headings to use that you would never know to enter as an original keyword search, such as Sports for People With Disabilities Juvenile Literature.

Using the Audience Limiter: Type in a normal keyword search in the catalog (disabilities, for example) and then scroll down on the search screen until you see the Audience limiter in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.  One option under Audience is Juvenile.  If you check that box, your search results will be limited to titles found in the Curriculum Collection.