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Embedded Librarianship

A guide with studies and links to best practices within embedded librarianship.

How (and Why) to Request an Embedded Librarian

DiPietro Library offers an embedded librarian course for Canvas courses. Learn more about what embedded librarians do, and the advantages of having one in your course, in this video. 

Why an "Embedded Librarian"?

Why should you consider adding an embedded librarian to your course?

  • It allows your students to ask questions of the librarian directly in Canvas. We can address any research questions students may have, which allows you to focus more on course content. 
  • It brings the library experience directly to students. They can not only access a subject or course-specific LibGuide, they can search for books, articles, etc.
  • It facilitates the library experience for students who meet online or at satellite campuses. 
  • It allows librarians to address topics that may not get covered in a 50 or 75-minute class session (evaluating information, for example).
  • It removes the intimidation factor, or reluctance to visit the library.