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HS 204: U.S. History Since 1945 Research Guide

Library resources related to HS 204

Searching for Primary Sources in the Library Catalog

One way to narrow your search to primary source documents in the DiPietro Library collection is to select "Advanced Search" (beneath the Find button), select "Subject" from the dropdown menus on the next page, then enter the type of primary source material you want to find (e.g., speeches, letters) and the historical event you are researching (such as the Vietnam War or the Black Power movement). Here's an example below of how to search for letters from the Vietnam War era. 

Screenshot of Advanced Search in the DiPietro Library catalog. The user is searching for the subject terms "letters" and "Vietnam War."

Other primary source terms and documents you might consider searching for include: photographs, letters, correspondence, diaries, interviews, photography, pictorial works, personal narratives, memoirs. 

(Adapted from "Find Primary Sources in OneSearch with Subject Terms," Alfred R. Neumann Library, University of Houston Clear Lake,

Suggested Databases