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MK 335 - Public Relations

Nevious - Fall 2020


You will be assigned to work on one of four options, alone or in teams of up to four people, for which you will develop a strategic communications plan using the ROPES process.  This plan will be completed over the course of the semester and presented in November, and it will be graded as follows: Research/Situational Analysis (10%); Objectives (10%); Programming (15%); Evaluation (10%); Stewardship (10%);  Plan presentation (10%); Case study (10%); Final Exam (15%); and Professionalism (10%).  Please see attendance policy for information on how your attendance will impact your final grade.  

Your strategic communication plan will address one of these four issues:

  • Combating misinformation in the news during an election
  • Encouraging college students to get the flu vaccine
  • Encouraging the public to get the COVID vaccine
  • Encourage the public to wear masks in a state where it is not mandated

More specifically, you will be graded on the following:

  • Research/Situational Analysis: To develop your plan, you will use primary and secondary research to define the problem or opportunity facing your client.
  • Objectives: You will develop specific, measurable objectives to reach your overall goals
  • Programming: You will define your  target audience, determine strategy, those key messages and tactics. You will also develop a media kit, backgrounder, audio PSA, video PSA, and a pitch.
  • Evaluation: You will develop a plan for assessing the effectiveness of your programming in meeting the your objectives.
  • Stewardship: You will develop a plan for this final step in the ROPES process, which involves planning for reciprocity, responsibility, reporting and relationship nurturing.
  • Plan presentation: You will present your plan  in written and visual form; and the client will provide an assessment of the plan.
  • Case Study: You will complete and present a case study in one of these practice areas: community relations; employee relations; reputation management; issues management; crisis communication; sports/tourism/entertainment/nonprofit/health/grassroots organizations;  public affairs; or international relations. The presentation will include a 5-10 minute Skype interview with a practitioner in the field.
  • Final Exam: You will demonstrate your ability to evaluate the legal and ethical dimensions of a contemporary public relations  issue in a final essay exam.   This exam will call on material covered throughout the course.
  • Professionalism: You will be assessed on the basics of professionalism on a rubric developed by the class and consistent with the literature.