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New York Times Campus Subscription: New York Times Site License

This guide will explain how to create an account and access the New York Times using your Franklin Pierce University email address.

Accessing the New York Times

The DiPietro Library offers three different ways to access the New York Times.  

  • We have a site license which allows users with a FPU email account to access it directly from their computers or mobile devices.
  • We offer NYT in Education, which is a platform geared specifically for educators.
  • The New York Times is still available via the ProQuest database.

Go Directly!


Why can’t I log in?

You must activate your account from Franklin Pierce University’s network, or by logging in to FPU from off-campus by using the Pass link to create an account.

Why am I asked to login on some occasions and not others

Your browser cache or history may have cleared itself. Go to and log back in.

Does the Site License have any restrictions?

You must have a valid Franklin Pierce University email address to register.

Our access does not include e-reader editions, Premium Crosswords, Times Insider or The New York Times Crosswords apps. NYTimes apps are not supported on all devices.

Access to archived articles within the date range 1923-1980 is limited. Within this date range, you may only open 5 PDF articles per day.

Where can I get help with the App?

 iOS device 

Android device


Getting Started using the Site License

The New York Times site license allows FPU students, faculty, and staff to access the NY Times directly after creating an account.  

  1. Click on the Pass link.
  2. Create an account using your FPU email address.  DO NOT use your FPU password.
  3. When you see the 'Start Your Access' screen, you have successfully registered.
Create an account from your computer Create an account from your phone



Create a New York Times Subscription

NYTimes Subscription QR Code


NYT Mobile App

Download the app and login using your New York Times credentials.


Reading the NY Times

Returning Users

Once you have activated your account, you can log into your account at

Renewing Your Pass

Directions for Renewing Your Pass


How long does the pass last?

  • The pass is good for one year or longer, and can be renewed upon reaching expiration.

How do you renew the pass after reaching expiration?

  • You must be connected to the FPU Network in order to renew your NYT Pass.
  •  Activate a new pass by visiting
  • Please use the same username and password from If password is not known, go to to have it reset to your email address used as the username.

Tip   Put a reminder in your calendar for a year from now so you can renew your subscription before you lose access.

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