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Using Perusall in Canvas

This guide will walk faculty through creating a Perusall assignment in Canvas

How to create an assignment in Canvas using Perusall

Perusall is already integrated in Canvas.  

To turn it on in your course:

  1.  In your course click on Settings
  2. Click on Navigation
  3. Move Perusall to where you would like it to appear on the left-hand menu.
  4. Click Save

To create an assignment in Perusall:

  1. Click on Persuall button in your Canvas Menu.  This will take you to your Perusall homepage.
  2. Upload documents to Perusall
    1. In Perusall, click on Documents, then click the green  button.
    2. Choose the document type you want to add and upload it to Perusall. 
      • Note: uploaded documents must be in PDF or EPUB file formats. Webpages will be converted to PDFs when they are added.  PowerPoint, Word, and other files must be saved as PDF before uploading.
    3. After all your documents have been uploaded, click on the  button on the top toolbar.
    4. Click the Add Assignment button.
      1. Select the content to assign using the drop-down menu.
      2. Choose a page range or the entire document.
      3. Click on Set name and deadline or Next Stepto go to the next step.
        • On this page you can set the deadline, create the assignment name (must be the same as in Canvas for grading to sync), and give instructions for the students.
      4. Click on Set optional advanced options or  to go to the next step.
        • Advanced options include:
          • The number of annotations needed for a grade
          • Visibility date
          • Assignment can be made optional or anonymous
      5. Click Save Changes‚Äč when you are done.
      6. Click Copy full title for LMS to copy the assignment title for Canvas.

To create the assignment in Canvas:

  1. Create a new assignment in Canvas.
  2. Paste in the assignment name from Perusall.
  3. Under Submission Type choose External Tool
  4. Use the Find button to find and select Perusall
  5. Most Important Step: click the box to Load this Tool in a New Tab - if you don't do this the assignment won't work.