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Hiking Mt. Monadnock

This guide gives some insight on the Mt. Monadnock climb outlining the experience and tools to help you on the way!

State Park Trail Guides

  1. Monadnock HQ: This hub has the most direct routes to the peak of Mt. Monadnock. Best for beginners and hikers looking to reach the peak!
    Old Toll Road: This hub has access to many side trails leading to either the mountain peak or alternative destinations.
    Gilson Pond: Longer trails headed to the peak of the mountain. Perfect for hikers looking for solitude without a goal of making it to the peak


Other Resources

There are several apps available on iphone and Android perfect to help with your climb. Most of these apps are also available as websites! These apps and sites provide online/offline trail guides. Most also have many interactive features within the maps!