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COVID-19 Coronavirus

Where to find up-to-date and credible resources regarding Covid19

What is it?

If you aren't sure about a source, check it against reputable sources to determine its legitimacy.  If it does originate with a reputable source it will be easy to verify.  There is such a large amount of misinformation currently spreading about the coronavirus, that WHO is calling it an "infodemic." 

Use official sources whenever possible.

Basic information skills should be applied:

  • Who said this?  Is it from a reputable / official source?
  • When did they say it?  Information goes out of date very quickly
  • Why did they say it?  Do they have an agenda or point of view?

News sources can be useful, but quickly go out of date, so make sure that the information you are reading is current.  In Google you can limit searches by clicking on Tools and then using the dropdown menu to choose a current date range (we recommend a week or less.)

example of google search limited using Tools button


Seek information from government, public health, and medical resources. 

Public Health resources are designed for the general public to read. Examples of a good public health sources are the Mayo Clinic and Medline Plus:

Government health sources are generally written to support a wide variety of audiences including other government agencies, medical professionals, and the public. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is a good example of a government site.

Medical Resources are written for medical professionals and may contain information that is very technical and dense.  Examples of this are: