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Stress Management

This guide is designed to provide students and faculty with resources for stress management through mindfulness.

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Library of Congress Classification

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Browse the Library of Congress Classification Outline to search for ranges of books by subject classification. It provides a guide to the books that are actually in the library's collections. You can search DiPietro Library's print books for the topics that interest you! The ranges listed here are the beginnings of books' call numbers. Below you will find subclass ranges for subjects relevant to this topic.

Class B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

Subclass BF - Psychology

  • BF309-499 - Consciousness. Cognition, including learning, attention, comprehension, memory, etc.
  • BF511-593 - Affection. Feeling. Emotion
  • BF636-637 - Applied psychology

Subclass BL - Religions. Mythology. Rationalism

  • BL624-629.5 - Religious life

Subclass BQ - Buddhism

  • BQ251-799 - History
  • BQ5595-5633 - Devotion. Meditation. Prayer

Class H - Social Sciences

Subclass HF - Commerce

  • HF5548.7-5548.85 - Industrial psychology

Class L - Education

Subclass LB - Theory and practice of education

  • LB2300-2430 - Higher education

Class R - Medicine

Subclass RA - Public aspects of medicine

  • RA773-788 - Personal health and hygiene

Subclass RC - Internal medicine

  • RC49-52 - Psychosomatic medicine
  • RC435-571 - Psychiatry
    • RC475-489 - Therapeutics. Psychotherapy
    • RC530-552 - Neuroses