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Women Artists Though The Ages



Women Artists Through The Ages LibGuide provides information on the type of artwork that was created for each Period of Art and showcases a woman artist for each Period of Art with an explanation of their art and artwork. 

Much of the published information for the Periods of Art Through The Ages emphasizes male artists and their achievements, contribution and artwork. 

There is now specialized published information on Women Artists Through The Ages. This specialized information covers women artists and emphasizes their achievements, contribution and artwork.  Much of this specialized information discuses how women artists traversed in the male dominated art world and achieved world renowned status.

In the book listed and discussed below Women Artists An Illustrated History spans five centuries offering an overview of the obstacles women artists encountered and the ingenious ways that generations of women artists circumvented these obstacles to establish themselves as well-respected professionals. 

Women Artists Through The Ages LibGuide:

  • Provides historical overviews and biographical resources on women artists.
  • Lists the Periods of Art from Medieval to Contemporary. 
  • Showcases a woman artist for each Period of Art.
  • Provides resources such as books, ebooks, articles, DVDs, databases and websites to read, view and to do further research. 
  • Provides a cultures section that lists books and ebooks on women artists from various cultures throughout the world.
  • Provides a young readers section that lists books on women artists for young readers. 


Spans five centuries of women artists that have created professional and appealing work and establishing formidable reputations. Offers a overview of the obstacles women artists encountered such as restricted access to education and apprenticeship, social pressures to marry and mother and limited opportunities to travel and exhibit.

Emphasizes the ingenious ways that generations of women artists circumvented these obstacles to establish themselves as well-respected professionals. Many were daughters and sisters of artists absorbing all that their families could teach them. Many reversed tradition by painting to support their household while their husbands stayed home to run the household. Many overturned restrictions to become members of previously all-male institutions.

Stories of these talented, ambitious and dedicated women artists are presented.

Heller, N. (1987). Women artists : an illustrated history (1st ed.). Abbeville Press.


Front cover image for A world of our own : women as artists

An account of the way in which women have prospered as professional artists beginning with Lavinia Fontana in the sixteenth century despite the unique challenges confronting them.

Takes the obstacles these women faced and reveals through their own lives and words, how they found training and earned a living, despite being treated as intruders in the world of art.

Their determination to succeed and distinctive space they forged for themselves and future generations is both a triumphant tale of adversity overcome and an enthusiastic celebration of tenacity and creativity.

Borzello, F. (2000). A world of our own : women as artists. Thames & Hudson.