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Library Services

Group Study Room Policy

The intent of study rooms is to provide small groups (a minimum of 3 people) with a quiet place to study together. Individuals or 2 people may use study rooms if available but may be asked to move to another quiet location to accommodate a group.

Group study rooms can be used without a reservation but groups having a reservation will have first right to the room.

We will attempt to accommodate faculty & staff requests to reserve a study room. Requests for morning use are more likely to be possible than requests for afternoon or evening use. If a room is reserved for ongoing use and proves to limit student use for group study then future requests will be re-evaluated.

Reservations can be made at the Circulation counter. A reserved room will be held for 20 minutes into the time of the reservation and then released if group members do not show.

One member of a group cannot hold the reservation while the other members of the group are not present this means group members have to be present and not in class, in the caf or elsewhere.

Any personal items left in a study room unoccupied for more than 15 minutes (regardless of a reservation) may be removed to the Circulation counter and the reservation canceled. This means you cannot hold the room by leaving coats and book bags in it while you are somewhere else.

Snack food (for example, fruit, snacks in a small package/container) and non-alcoholic beverages in a non-spill proof container and are allowed but please pick up after yourself!

Meals (for example, in carry out containers) are not allowed in the study rooms. These may be eaten in the kitchenette on the lower level.

Absolutely no food deliveries will be allowed from food services or other food establishments.

The supervisor on duty has the right to void a reservation if group members act in a disrespectful, discourteous or inappropriate manner.