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Library Services

Local Borrowers

The DiPietro Library is open to the public and extends borrowing privileges free of charge to residents of the towns of Jaffrey and Rindge.  Applicants must present a valid driver's license or proof of residency.  ConVal High School students may present their current school ID card to register for borrowing privileges free of charge.

Borrowing privileges are also available for a yearly fee of $30.00/year for an individual, and $50.00/year for a family.  Library cards are issued and renewed on an annual basis, June 1-May 31. Pro-rated fees are available as follow: October 1- January 31 $30 for family, $20 for individuals; February 1-May 31 $20 for family, $10 for individuals.

Community borrowers and members of the public may use computer and online/Internet resources located within the DiPietro Library.  The Library reserves the right to monitor such usage in order to assure that guests adhere to the FPU Technology Acceptable Use policies applied to university faculty and students.  Log on credentials are available at the Circulation Desk.  Printing is available and must be paid for at time of service.   Costs are: black and white - .10/page, color - .15/page. Guests connected to the FPU wireless network may access library materials on their personal device.

Cost for a replacement card is $3.00.  All overdue notices are sent via email.  It is the borrower's responsibility to know when their item is due.

Books and sound recordings circulate for a period of 21 days.  DVDs and videogames circulate for 7 days.  A maximum of five items may be checked out at any one time.  Movies and videogames returned more than seven (7) days late are assessed a $10.00 fine PER ITEM. Other items returned more than three (3) days late incur a fine of .25 cents per day per item.  The maximum fine limit before being blocked from borrowing additional items is $20.00.

Any item other than a videogame that becomes overdue by more than four (4) weeks will be considered lost and will be billed at $50.00 PER ITEM for its replacement and processing.  A lost videogame is billed at $60.00 PER ITEM.  Additionally, you may lose your borrowing privileges.  An item returned damaged may also be charged $50.00.  The DiPietro Library reserves the right to charge a higher rate for a lost or damaged item, depending on the particular item.

Use of the DiPietro Library is a privilege and not a right.  Individuals who abuse this privilege by behaving in an unsuitable manner or by failing to observe library rules, regulations, or procedures may be asked to leave the Library.  Repeated abuse of library privileges may result in suspension or loss of that borrower's privileges.