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Collection Development Policies

DiPietro Library is committed to the purchase of information resources in all appropriate formats. As responsible stewards of the library collection, Franklin Pierce University librarians monitor collection needs with the intent of providing the best possible access to information and service to patrons. The University Librarian, who has ultimate responsibility for all purchase decisions, annually allocates the information resources budget for print and electronic resources. Because the university stresses teaching over research, no attempt is made to build a comprehensive research collection. Library collection development is responsive to changing institutional and academic priorities. The curriculum itself is the primary guide to collection needs. A good quality collection is emphasized over quantity.

As a general rule, the Library will purchase only one copy of a title.  The Library does not typically purchase titles used as textbooks in university courses, but under some circumstances will make an exception to this rule. 

Suggestions for Acquisition

All members of the Franklin Pierce University community are encouraged to make suggestions for acquisition of library materials. Please submit suggestions for new acquisitions using the Purchase Request Form:


DiPietro Library welcomes donations of materials but reserves the right to decide whether or not to accession these items depending on their usefulness and relevance to the collection. Please consult with the University Librarian before donating materials. Donated items become the property of the DiPietro Library. All appraisals of the value of a donation are strictly the responsibility of the donor and will not be undertaken by the Library; nor does the Library in any way affirm the donor's valuation. Donated items not chosen for inclusion in the collection will be sold or given away unless the donor has specifically requested to have them returned to his/her possession.

DiPietro Library also welcomes gifts in honor of graduating seniors, faculty, or others. Please contact the University Librarian if you would like to fund a book in someone's honor.


The collection is weeded on a regular basis to remove items that have lost their usefulness. Candidates for withdrawal include outdated materials and items in poor condition.

More Information

For additional information, please contact the University Librarian or the Technical Services and Archives Librarian.