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Archives and Special Collections

A general guide to the University Archives and Special Collections.
Search or browse the University's digital archives!

In the digital archives, you can find a portion of the University Archives' collections. Currently, the digital archives contain

How To Search

Image with text indicating where to find the simple search box.

Simple Search

Search the digital archives by entering a keyword (name, place, topic, etc.) into the search box at the top right corner of your screen. Search from the digital archives home page to search all collections. To search within a collection, first select that collection and then conduct your search.

Image indicating where to access an advanced search.

Advanced Search Link

To enter multiple search criteria, you may choose to conduct an advanced search.

Image indicating the features of the advanced search function.

Advanced Search

An advanced search allows you to conduct a search in select collections, in specific fields, and with multiple search terms.

Image indicating where to search within an object's record.

Search Within A Record

Once you find an object that you are interested in, you may then search the available metadata and transcripts associated with that record by entering search terms in the "Search this record" field.

How To Browse

Image indicating where to select a collection to browse digital archives.

Select A Collection

To browse the digital archives, begin by selecting an available collection.

Image indicating where to select

Select "Browse"

From the collection's landing page, you can review the collection description and then hit "Browse."

Image indicating where to browse objects in a collection.

Browse Objects In A Collection

From the results page, you can scan and browse available objects. Objects are sorted by date in ascending order.

Image indicating where to limit results using search facets

Limit Results With Search Facets

You may also limit your results by using the search facets on the left side of the screen. Note that not all objects have rich metadata records with subjects--many only use required fields. All records have Academic Year fields, however.

Navigating the Digital Archives

Image indicating the menu for object and item level descriptions.

About Compound Objects

Before intensively searching the digital archives, it is good to know a little about what we call compound objects. Compound objects are two or more files bound together with an XML structure. In the digital archives, a yearbook or a newspaper is a compound object, whereas something like a photograph contains a single file and associated record.

Image indicating the link for the object record.

Object Level Description

An object description is the metadata record for an entire compound object. For instance, the object record describes an entire newspaper, yearbook, or magazine.

Image indicating the opened object description.

Object Description Record

The object record is for object-level description. Access an object record by navigating to the "object description" tab.

Image indicating the link to access the item record.

Item Level Description

An item description is the metadata record for a single page in a compound object. For example, each page in a newspaper has its own page-level item record.

Image indicating opened item description

Item Description Record

The item record is for page-level description. Access a page-level item record by navigating to the "item description" tab.

Image indicating where to access an object's pages

Access An Object's Many Pages

Navigate to an object's many pages and their associated item-level page records from the menu on the right side of your object viewer.