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How To Use Microsoft Teams

A beginner's guide to Microsoft Teams for Faculty

How To Access Microsoft Teams

Access Teams via Your Browser

Teams app icon in browser view.Accessing Teams via your browser is a good option if you aren't ready to download the desktop app or if you need to access Teams from a device that isn't yours.

  1. Sign in to your Office account at
  2. Locate the Teams app icon and click to open.

Alternatively, you can navigate to and sign in.

Access Teams via the Desktop or Mobile App

Download and install the Teams desktop app for your Apple, PC, or laptop computer. The app is free to download and has a few more features than using a web browser.

You may also choose to get the Teams mobile app for iOS and Android. Just download the app, login, and you're all set. Be sure to set your preferences for the notification levels you want in the app settings.

Icon to download Teams desktop appIcon to download Teams mobile app