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How To Use Microsoft Teams

A beginner's guide to Microsoft Teams for Faculty

Pick Your Poison: Communicate However You'd Like in Teams

Although the "Teams" interface is where most of the activity takes place in Microsoft Teams, there are other ways to communicate and collaborate in Teams than just your Team Channel posts. Use the left side menu to create chats with individuals in your organization, create calls, and schedule meetings using your Calendar, which is synced with your Outlook calendar.

  • Conversations that take place in a Team's channel posts are public to everyone in that Team/Channel.
  • Conversations that take place using the "Chat" feature are direct messages only visible to those in that chat group.
  • You can schedule or begin video callswith members of your Team or with an individual in your organization
    • Click the "Meet" icon in a Channel's Posts tab to invite everyone in your Team Channel to a video call.
    • Click the "Video Call" icon in a Chat to meet with an individual or group of individuals.


Meetings and Calls