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How To Use Microsoft Teams

A beginner's guide to Microsoft Teams for Faculty

How To Set up Your Microsoft Teams Account

Update Profile and Settings

Image depicting user settings menu.Click the profile icon in the top right corner of Microsoft Teams. This icon is your portal to all of your user settings, including

  • Changing your profile picture.
  • Changing your availability/status.
  • Changing your settings
    • General
    • Privacy
    • Notifications
    • Devices
    • Permissions
    • Calls

Adjust Team Settings

Team owners can adjust settings for the Team and can determine the roles of other members in the Team. To view or adjust a Team's settings, click the three dots next to the Team's name and click "Manage Team."

If you are a Team Owner, "Manage Team" will give you access to

  • Members of the Team, including Owners and Guests.
  • Pending requests from people who wish to join your Team.
  • The Team's Channel list.
  • Team settings
  • Team Analytics
  • Team Apps

Read on to learn more about how to use Teams and Channels!

Team settings menu