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How To Use Microsoft Teams

A beginner's guide to Microsoft Teams for Faculty

Making the Most of Channel Tabs: Posts, Files, Apps

Let's explore some of the basic features of collaboration within Teams and Team Channels.


  • Each channel has its own “Posts” tab, which is often called team chat.
  • All Team members can see the messages/posts in the posts tab of any given channel.
  • To create a new post, navigate to the channel you would like to start a conversation in, click "New Conversation," and hit "Send."
  • All posts to the channel are journaled so people can see the history of the conversation. In this way, if you have a conversation that is complex, all new members need to do is review the posts to catch up, which is much better than email.
  • You can include @Mentions in your post to notify people of your conversation.
    • Type @ + Individual name to notify an individual.
    • Type @ + Channel name to notify the entire channel.
    • Type @Team to notify the entire Team of your post.
  • Members can reply to posts and keep topical conversations contained within collapsible threads.
  • Make things fun by reacting to posts and including emojis and gifs in your posts!


Files and Folders created in Teams are automatically saved in SharePoint. Use a Channel's Files tab as you would use any other File Explorer function with the added capacity of real-time collaboration within files and chatting within a file.

  • Download files to your device from Teams.
  • Create new folders within a Channel.
  • Upload files from your device to a Teams Channel.
  • Create new files and folders within Teams.
  • Collaborate on files in real-time.
    • "Edit in Teams" and "Open in Browser" will open the document in your Teams app. These options allow you to work on a document with Team members in real-time if they also have it open.
    • "Open in Desktop app" opens the file in the corresponding desktop application--this option works better when only one person is editing.
  • Move files and folders to other folders, Teams, and Channels.


  • Add apps to your Team Channel as a new tab, or add apps to your side bar menu.
  • When browsing apps, be sure to click "More apps" to see everything that's available.
    • If you have a particular app in mind, search for it to see if it's available.
  • You may use Microsoft-provided apps as well as third-party Microsoft-certified apps.