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How To Use Microsoft Teams

A beginner's guide to Microsoft Teams for Faculty

Create or Join a Team

Join or create Team button

A Team is a workspace for a collaborative group, such as a class, department, committee, or special project. An organizational account is composed of many Teams, and each Team is composed of topic- or subject- focused workspaces called Channels.

To create or join a Team,

  • Click the "Join or create Team" button on the Teams interface. 
    • This allows you to discover available public Teams in your organization.
  • To create a Team, click the "Create a Team" button.
  • Select a Team type. Types include
    • Class
    • Professional Learning Community
    • Staff
    • Other (Clubs, study groups, activities, etc.)
  • Enter your Team name and fill in the optional Team description, then hit "Next."
  • Add people from your organization to your Team, or hit "Skip" if you are not ready to invite people to the Team yet.
  • Now you're ready to customize your Team!

Dialog box to create a Class-type Team.