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DiPietro Library Newsletter

News and notes from the DiPietro Library

A note from the University Librarian

Paul Jenkins, University LibrarianI recently reread George Orwell's landmark novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four.  I was particularly struck by how relevant many of Orwell's themes are to our contemporary world.  This is fitting, of course, since one of Orwell's aims was to illustrate the importance and interrelation of the past, present, and future.  The frightening totalitarian world of the novel is one where "doublespeak" reigns triumphant, and the past is quite literally discarded.  As I read, I became newly aware of the importance of information literacy.  To create a more just society we must study and learn from our flawed past; we must actively seek information and then evaluate it thoroughly in order to make informed decisions that influence our future.  Like the novel's protagonist, Winston Smith, we must seek what we understand to be the truth instead of merely accepting another's notion of it.  

The DiPietro Library offers hundreds of thousands of books, articles, and videos that we hope will lead you to your truths.  Come on in and explore! 

Also remember to check out the Social Explorer database that we currently offer on a trial basis.  

Faculty Research Spotlight

Dr. Joan Swanson, Director of Education, recently published a book chapter entitled "Collaborative Learning: Collegiate Pedagogy Utilizing Web Conferencing" in Balancing the Tension between Digital Technologies and Learning Sciences, edited by Isaias, Sampson, and Ifenthaler.  This work is the result of a collaborative online teaching experience spanning three universities in Alaska, New York, and South Carolina.  Coupled with her previous chapter, "Communication Preferences of Collegiate Students," in Online Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, also edited by Isaias, Sampson, and Ifenthaler, this work highlights the integration of emerging adult college students preferences and practices utilizing technology in learning experiences.  Dr. Swanson's latest work, a chapter entitled "'I Took a Screenshot': Experiences with Technology In and Out of the Classroom" will be released in November, 2021.  Each of these works builds upon her theory, "Technology as Skin," published in Digital Technology: Advance in Research and Applications.


Library Faculty & Staff Professional Development & Scholarship

Mary Anne Blauert is reviewing a PDF: “Cochrane Library User Guide” and a set of PowerPoint slides:  “Introduction to the Cochrane Library"  The Cochrane Library is a collection of databases containing high quality, in-depth evidence to assist in healthcare decision making. Includes the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, which provides peer-reviewed systematic reviews and protocols. Mary Anne has also recently published a research guide on Temple Grandin.

Leslie Inglis has attended several webinars, including two offered by the Chronicle of Higher Education, The Future of Small Academic Libraries and The New Digital Equity.

Paul O. Jenkins published an article, "Seven Songs That Pass the FBI Test," in Culture Sonar (9/20/21 edition).  

Over the last few months Jenkins has also attended numerous webinars, including those hosted by Agati Furniture, Lyrasis, EBSCO, and ProQuest.

Katie Beth Ryan presented a talk titled "Yay! Now What?  Tips from a First-Time OER Stipend Coordinator" at The Northeast OER Conference in May 2021.  In July, 2021 Ryan's "You Know More Than You Think You Do: Overcoming OER Impostor Syndrome" talk was featured at the OER Southern Symposium.


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