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DiPietro Library Newsletter

News and notes from the DiPietro Library

DiPietro Library Newsletter Spring 2022

A Note from the University Librarian

Paul Jenkins leaning against bookshelves February 24, 2022 will enter the annals of history as a day of infamy.  As the Spanish philosopher George Santayana famously observed, "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."  Mr. Putin is one such man.  The worldwide response to the invasion has rekindled a spark of hope within me that those of sound conscience will never condone the actions of autocrats.  The courageous actions of the Ukranian people have left us all agape with admiration. We should all lend moral support and contribute funds and goods to their cause, but we should also make a renewed commitment to study history.  The holdings of the DiPietro Library serve as a reminder that educating ourselves is one of the best weapons in our unending battle against tyranny.  Please come in and read up on history, past and present, so that together we can help to craft a brighter future.

As a more immediate step, please consider making a donation to the World Central Kitchen to support the people of Ukraine and surrounding countries.

Finally, if you haven't seen it yet, please take a look at The Faculty and Staff Recommend page.  It's a list of books, recordings, films, and pod casts that FPU faculty and staff recommend that students should explore before they graduate.  

Until next time, keep reading (and listening, and talking)!  Paul O. Jenkins

National Library Week 2022

Join the DiPietro Library in Celebrating National Library Week (April 3 - 9)!  

As we celebrate National Library Week, we recognize all the hard work of our valued student employees! Come into the Library and meet them – their pictures and bios will be posted on the white board near the Graphic Novel collection on the first floor, and we encourage you to post them a ‘shout-out’ of appreciation and thanks!

  • Beginning Monday, April 4, students are asked to find one of three Literary Action Figures hidden somewhere in the  Library Building (Bray basement area, main floor, second floor only). Once a figure is found, student should return it to the Library Circulation Desk.  The student will then be asked to identify the figure in order to receive a prize.    We found'em! Thanks for your help!


Librarian and Staff Professional Development and Scholarship

University Librarian Paul O. Jenkins was recently interviewed by two separate organizations about his 2020 book, Bluegrass Ambassadors: The McLain Family Band in Appalachia and the World.  "Franklin Pierce University Librarian Paul Jenkins Writes New Book About McLain Family Band" appeared in the January 28, 2022 edition of the Monadnock Ledger Transcript.  "Paul O. Jenkins, Ambassadors of Bluegrass Music" appeared on February 24, 2022 in as part of a series of interviews journalist Bev Stoddart conducts with New Hampshire authors.

Paul O. Jenkins published an article in Culture Sonar on April 4, 2022.  "Freedom in 7 Paul McCartney Songs."  

Leslie Inglis and Eric Shannon presented a video entitled, "Intrusive Advising - Faculty Style" as an on-demand session of the NERCOMP Annual Meeting in March 2022.

Technical Service Librarian, Brantley Palmer, attended the NHCUC and NHSMLA Professional Development Day on March 11th. On April 19th, he will be presenting at the Academic Showcase on "Fair Use and the Documentary." As the Treasurer of the New Hampshire Archives Group, he's in the process of helping to plan the NHAG Spring Workshop in May. He has also attended a number of webinars presented by OCLC, GOBI, and EBSCO.

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