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Franklin Pierce University Campus History: Sawmill Apartments

Franklin Pierce University was founded in 1962 on the shores of Pearly Pond in Rindge, New Hampshire. This guide explores the growth of the campus over the past 50 years.


History of the Sawmill Apartments

The Sawmill Apartments were built in 1967.  They were rented to faculty and staff members, but in 1986, "select" upperclassmen were moved in to the efficiency apartments.  The apartments were also repainted and refurbished. (Pierce Magazine, Fall 1986)

In February, 1993, a small fire, caused by a cigarette, left some minor damage in the north entryway at the Sawmills.  A cigarette was carelessly tossed by the base of the door, which was rotten, and ignited it. (Pierce Arrow, 2/25/93)

 In 1997 new kitchens and bathrooms were installed. A mouse infestation was dealt with in 1998, and by spring semester 1999, the Sawmills had received a new floor. Tile floors replaced the old carpets, to mixed reactions from residents. Concerned parents had contacted the college about the poor condition of the carpets, and over the winter break, vinyl composite tile flooring was installed. At the time, the Sawmills consisted of 8 apartments and 6 efficiencies.  The new flooring was part of on-going renovations in the building. Plans were in the works for new furniture and appliances. (Pierce Arrow, 2/25/99)

In 2000, the Sawmill apts. received new appliances.

Housing options for 2005-6 included an opportunity to receive a discount  for certain room choices. There were eight four-person apartments at the Sawmills that qualified for this discount. (Pierce Arrow, 4/13/2005)

In 2005-6, the Sawmills were designated for senior residents only. (Pierce Arrow, 3/16/2005)

In Summer, 2008, the Sawmills were connected to Lakeview with a well-lit pathway. It took about two weeks to create the path and install the two light fixtures. It created a safer path, which was easier to maintain and de-ice in winter. (Pierce Arrow, 8/30/08)

In spring 2009, the plan was for the Sawmills to be reserved for students in the residential MBA program.  (Pierce Arrow, 4/22/09) In later years, the Sawmill Apartments reverted to senior housing.



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