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Franklin Pierce University Campus History: Cheney Hall

Franklin Pierce University was founded in 1962 on the shores of Pearly Pond in Rindge, New Hampshire. This guide explores the growth of the campus over the past 50 years.

History of Cheney Hall

The Rev. Francis X. and Nonie Cheney Chapel was constructed in 1998. Part of the rear of Mt. Washington Hall, it is a 2,200 square foot chapel. It serves as a place for music instruction,houses the hand-made Sollenberger pipe organ, and a Steinway piano. Music faculty offices are adjacent. (Pierce Magazine,v.16, no. 1 Spring 1998)  It houses the college chapel.

A bond raised in 1998 allowed for the renovation of Mt. Washington basement for the "clappel" - a combination classrooom-chapel. (Pierce Arrow, 3/3/98) Opened in late fall, the chapel was designed to be acoustically-sound.  The building was dedicated to Francis and Nonnie Cheney, who donated funds for the project. (Pierce Arrow, 11/4/98)

The FPU Music Department is located in the basement of Mt. Washington, adjacent to Cheney Hall.  In 2004, an electronic studio was created, to provide a location to record, edit, and produce sound and music via computer. It was originally created during the remodeling and creation of Cheney Hall, and was upgraded over the years to accomodate the growing demands of students and changing technology. (Pierce Arrow, 11/3/04)

In early 2014, alum Jessica Schneider was commissioned to design a stained glass window for Cheney Hall, in memory of alum Denise Messier.





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v.16, no. 1 Spring 1998

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