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Franklin Pierce University Campus History: Mt. Washington Hall

Franklin Pierce University was founded in 1962 on the shores of Pearly Pond in Rindge, New Hampshire. This guide explores the growth of the campus over the past 50 years.



History of Mt. Washington Hall

 Mt. Washington Hall was constructed as a dormitory in 1969.

In 1972, due to the enormous amount of dorm damage, plastic doors were installed in Mt. Washington and New Hampshire dorms.  Students felt that these doors were an inconvenience, as they had to walk around the dormitory and could not pass from one dorm to the other easily. (Pierce Arrow, 10/16/72)

In an October 28, 1997 Pierce Arrow article, Prof. Bill Jack discussed paranormal "sightings" in Mt. Washington dorm. Students had reported unexplained sounds echoing through empty hallways. Also reported were disembodied footsteps, whistling, and howling. The sound of dozens of marbles tumbling down deserted stairs was also heard. It is attributed to a long ago suicide who knocked over a bin of marbles when dying.

In 2002 the north stack of bathrooms at Mt. Washington were renovated, including ceramic tile, toilet and shower fixtures, ceilings, lighting and ventilation.



Archival Resources:

Campus Buildings Box CB1

Campus Buildings Box CB3

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